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All tree maintenance work carries the potential for lasting effects on tree health therefore it is important that works are in accordance with the current British Standard BS3998.


Tree Maintenance

Trees are complex structures requiring periodic care and maintenance. This includes pruning in its many forms:

Crown reductions. This is a reduction in the overall size of the canopy of the tree.

Crown thinning. This is a reduction in the overall volume of the canopy of a tree.

Crown lifting. This involves raising the height of the canopy to prevent obstruction, usually to people, vehicles or buildings.

Deadwood removal. Taking wood that is dead out of the canopy of the tree.

Crown cleaning. Removal of dead, dying, diseased, crossed and rubbing branches.

Part of our free consultation service is to talk you through what is required, and the benefits of undertaking any of the above operations.


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Tree Felling

The complete removal of a tree by either carefully dismantling in sections or felling the tree as one.

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Tree Planting

Tait Tree Surgery believe in planting now as an investment for the future. We have considerable experience of selecting and planting trees for every type of scheme. This would include:

Single, or small group tree planting, frequently required when trees covered by a Tree Preservation Order/Felling Licence, are removed.

Medium to large tree planting schemes. This would include hedgerow establishment, shelter belts, planting of copses and creation of new woodland, and restocking of woodland following felling.

Amenity planting. Provision and planting of trees in amenity, urban and garden environments to improve visual amenity, bio-diversity and wildlife habitats.

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Tree Pollarding

This is a technique usually involving the removal of the main structure of the tree leaving only the main stem or stems. It is frequently used to reduce the size of urban trees to prevent them outgrowing their location. It provides a valuable alternative to complete tree removal.

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Emergency Tree Care

For any emergency tree works required, for example storm damaged or fallen trees, we provide a prompt service in order to make your trees safe again.

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Hedge Maintenance

Regular trimming/cutting of hedges help to maintain them, as well as keeping your gardens looking neat and tidy.

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Stump Grinding

The removal of tree stumps. We have specialist equipment capable of removing stumps of any size, in most locations.

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Fire Wood & Woodchip Supply

We can deliver a full transit or trailer loads of spilt or cut-to-size logs to your property. We can also deliver firewood roundels for you to split, as a cheaper option.


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Please contact us if you have any questions regarding any of our services or to arrange for your free quote.

Waste Management

Our target for waste management is net zero. We hold a Waste Carrier's Licence and aim to re-use/recycle the majority of our waste. Timber is often used for firewood, or certain pieces may be milled for a range of purposes, for example benches for local parks. Our chip is taken to local allotments or farms as it has multiple uses such as mulch, soil improvers, and mushroom compost. Although we endeavour to re-use/recycle as much as possible there are a few exceptions, for example stone contaminated small arisings which cannot be chipped. Where possible these are avoided at the source to minimise the amount requiring disposal. We are proud of our commitment to recycling and waste minimisation, which is embedded in our environmental policy and practices.

Local Authority Planning Services

In some situations work to trees requires consent from the Local Authority Planning Department. We have over 30 years experience in dealing with these applications on behalf of the client.


We have an extensive range of our own Arboricultural plant and equipment so there are no additional hire costs, saving the client money.

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